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CALLIA™ Artist Brushes

CALLIA™ mixed media brushes are a balance of innovative synthetics and precise craftsmanship. Great for acrylic, oil and watercolor in a range of 90 shapes and sizes.

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  • Handmade detail and craftsmanship
  • 6 layer crack-resistant handle
  • 100% cruelty-free synthetic blend
  • Captures and releases color with control

How To Paint Books

Learn to paint step-by-step with easy to follow instructions for beginner to advanced artists. No drawing or painting experience necessary because we supply the line drawing for each project in the book.  Each of our how to paint ebooks offers worksheets, written instructions and line drawings.

What Does That Brush Do?™

Join us at the Brush Bar to learn what your brushes can do for you!

Artist + Educator + Brush Designer

Who is Willow Wolfe?

Willow Wolfe is an award winning art teacher, brush designer and the author of a library of internationally available learn to paint books and articles. Her approachable style and step-by-step painting methods have taken her to events around the world. Willow has been developing best-selling brushes for over twenty years, recently launching CALLIA ™ Mixed Media Artist Brushes, inspired by beauty, iconic quality and the pursuit of fur-free synthetics.

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