Have you ever wondered how to paint vibrant color on dark, dramatic backgrounds?

Do you want to know the secret to painting transparent, fluttering wings?

This course with two new projects, will take your work to new heights! 

‘Vibrant Hummingbirds’

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In this class we will cover…

  • How to create dramatic & dark backgrounds!
  • How to create luminosity and sparkle!
  • ​How to paint transparent wings and feathers!
  • How to paint colorful strokes on leaves!

Vibrant Hummingbirds is perfect for the student looking to grow their confidence while adding vibrant and dramatic elements to their paintings.

Jump-start your dramatic painting style today!

Hummingbird & Fuchsia

Hummingbird & Orange Blossom

Simple Step By Step Method

Each example is broken down into a 3 step method that is easy to follow and fun to practice!

2 Gorgeous Hummingbirds

Together we will practice 2 birds. We will apply and blend color properly and create two gorgeous hummingbirds.

Extra Vibrant Colors

Jumpstart your confidence and skills using vibrant and intense colors in all of your paintings!


  • Vibrant Hummingbird with Fuchsia: Paint a gorgeous hummingbird and fuchsia flower practicing bold color techniques using bright pinks and purples.
  • Dramatic Hummingbird with Orange Blossom: Paint a hummingbird with a delicate orange blossom using new brush techniques and color blending practices. ($148 Value)
  • New Techniques: Learn new techniques to painting vibrant and dramatic backgrounds, use contrasting colors, and techniques to painting transparent wings. ($148 Value)
  • Community: Join several other aspiring artist, gain confidence, and enjoy interacting with other students! (FREE!)

A $297 value!

 Get the class today for $37 !