The 3 Things You Need To Know About Creating Vibrant and Luminescent Color!

The things I wish I knew earlier about creating paintings that have INCREDIBLE color!

Easy Steps To Start Adding Vibrant Color & Detail To Your Paintings With Ease!

'Vibrant Hummingbirds'

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Have you ever wanted to paint beautiful birds, but weren’t sure how to add amazing color?

In this class we will cover…

Vibrant Hummingbirds is perfect for the student looking to grow their confidence while adding vibrant and dramatic elements to their paintings.

Jump-start your dramatic painting style today!

Hummingbird & Fuchsia

Hummingbird & Orange Blossom

Lessons 1-2

Supplies Overview & Basic Techniques Refreshers

Avoid wondering what supplies to use, and use my comprehensive guide to get started the right way!

Brush up on basic blending, coloring, and bird painting techniques to make sure you are ready to dive right in!

Lesson 4

Hummingbird & Fuchsia

Split up into easy to follow videos, we will walk through how to paint the gorgeous fuchsia flowers by practicing blending and contrast techniques. We will add in the colorful hummingbird to the dark background we prepared in the previous module!

Lesson 5

Hummingbird & Orange Blooms

This stunning painting of a hummingbird feeding on orange blooms allows us to paint leaves, blooms, and a stunning bird together! The use of bold colors and delicate brush techniques will grow your confidence to continue using vibrant colors in your future paintings!

Simple Step By Step Method

Each example is broken down into a 3 step method that is easy to follow and fun to practice!

2 Gorgeous Hummingbirds

Together we will practice 2 birds. We will apply and blend color properly and create two gorgeous hummingbirds.

Extra Vibrant Colors

Jumpstart your confidence and skills using vibrant and intense colors in all of your paintings!


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