Enjoy step-by-step painting lessons from the comfort of your own home with Willow Wolfe.

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Water Mixable Oil
Acrylic (Coming Soon!)

What’s included…

Willow Wolfe classes offer hours of step-by-step instruction, projects and all the fundamentals you require to ensure success. They are pre-recorded which means you can go at your own pace from the comfort of your own home

  • 30 minutes to 10 hours of video content
  • Line drawings for you to trace and paint
  • High quality videos demonstrating every step of the project
  • Printable downloads including worksheets, inspirational photography, guides and more
  • Links to additional resources and materials

Beginner Watercolor Courses

Free Project

Watercolor Blending – Peace, Joy & Love

Sale $47 USD

Watercolor Birds & Botanicals – 11 Projects

Sale $47 USD

Quick & Easy Watercolor Painting ™ – 9 Projects

Beginner Solvent Free Oil (Water Mixable Oil Paint)

Sale $20 USD

Quick & Easy Painting ™ Beginner Birds & Flowers – 7 Projects

Sale $47 USD
Beginner Blooms Class Picture of Blue Columbine

Quick & Easy Painting ™ Beginner Blooms – 4 Projects & Course Guide eBook

Sale $27 USD

Quick & Easy Painting ™ Six Adorable Backyard Birds & Course Guide eBook

Sale $37 USD

Image Transfer & Oil Glazing Class – 8 Projects

Sale $49

Butterflies and Blooms – 4 Projects

$98 USD

Painting Soft & Pretty Flowers + Bonus Course Ebook

Free Tutorials