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How to Paint Faces 1


  • Description
  • Supplies
  • Instructions
  • PDF Line Drawing

Painting Abstract Faces is a series for the whole family.  Using basic techniques you can accomplish amazing finished projects.  Acrylic is a fun, fast and easy medium to use for beginners.  We teamed up with artist, designer, and Willow’s daughter Nya,  to create a brand-new tutorial that will get you started!

In this tutorial Nya will teach you how to paint gorgeous wall-art-worthy abstract faces using basic techniques.

  • Basic acrylic supplies without breaking the bank
  • Color blocking for a solid finish
  • How to create fine lines
  • How to transfer a design
Callia Artist Brushes
  1. #1 Callia Round Brush
  2. #6 Callia Filbert Brush
  3. 1″ Callia Wash Brush
Acrylic Paint – DecoArt Americana Arylics adn FolkArt Acrylics
  1. FolkArt Linen
  2. Spiced Pumpkin
  3. Slate Grey
  4. Hauser Light Green
  5. Dried Clay
  1. Mixed Media Art Paper
  1. Palette (surface to put your paint on which can even be wax paper)
  2. Grey transfer paper
  3. Pencil and eraser


Paint The Design

  1. Use the 1″ Wash to basecoat the background with Linen. Let dry and repeat. You may require several layers.
  2. Basecoat the blue/grey area using the filbert with Slate Grey. Let dry and repeat until solid coverage is achieved.
  3. Basecoat the grey area using the filbert with Slate Grey.  Let dry. Repeat with several coats, allowing each layer to dry between coats, until solid coverage is achieved. Let dry.
  4. Basecoat the light orange area with Spiced Pumpkin using the filbert. Let dry and repeat until solid coverage is achieved.
  5. Basecoat the dark orange area with Dried Clay using the filbert. Let dry and repeat until solid coverage is achieved.
  6. Basecoat the green area using the round or filbert using Hauser Light Green. Let dry and repeat.
  7. Transfer the face outline onto the background using grey transfer paper, or sketch the design you would like onto the background.
  8. Then Ivory Black to an inky consistency and use the #1 round to paint the face.
  9. Let dry. Frame as desired!

Download and print a copy of the image and line drawing by clicking the link below.




Nya has been surrounded by art and creativity her whole life and loves to create minimal designs the whole family can paint.  She focuses her work on beginner projects using basic techniques.

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