Beginner Blooms Ebook & Course Guide

Trace & Paint 4 Bold Floral Projects


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The Beautiful Blooms for Beginners project ebook contains 28 pages of step-by-step written instructions for each project, tips, techniques, and full-color photography to guide you along your creative journey.

Check out Willow's companion online painting course for complete videos covering each and ever project.

Willow’s guide includes terminology, key tips for blending, and worksheets for basic techniques.  Follow along with detailed instructions,  color photos, and close-ups as you awaken the artist and paint beautiful bold blooms.


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Willow Wolfe

Willow Wolfe is widely recognized for challenging and modernizing today’s world of art supplies and education. An award-winning art teacher and the author of a library of internationally available learn to paint books and articles, her approachable style and step-by-step painting methods have taken her to events, seminars and engagements across the globe.

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