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Cobra Water Mixable Oil Starter Paint & Callia Brush Set

Cobra Water Mixable Oil and Callia Brush Set


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Cobra Study Water Mixable Oil Starter Set of 12 X 20ml Tubes

Callia Blending Brush Set of Five Brushes 


Callia 2, 4, 6, 8 Chisel Blender and a 10/0 Liner

This convenient set contains 12 colours of Cobra Study oil paints in tubes of 20 ml. Contents: 12 x 20 ml (Titanium White 105 – Primary Yellow 275 – Permanent Yellow Medium 284 - Vermilion 311 – Pyrrole Red 315 – Primary Magenta 369 – Ultramarine 504 – Primary Cyan 572 – Permanent Green Deep 619 – Yellow Ochre 227 – Burnt Sienna 411 – Burnt Umber 409).

p.s. This set doesn't contain black. To mix black, you'll mix Ultramarine Blue + Burnt Umber and it will make a beautiful black.


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