Callia Dodo Drybrush, Synthetic Bristle Artist Brushes: Willow Wolfe

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The Dodo drybrush is comprised of flagged synthetic bristle which holds heavy bodied paint with control.


The Dodo drybrush is a must-have brush due to the range of techniques it can apply well. A blend of flagged tip synthetic, the brush can be loaded fully and the paint will distributes evenly throughout the bristles for the application of heavy-bodied paint, including stippling or to create foliage and trees. The other application is to use the brush to drybrush. After fully loaded, wipe the brush on paper towel, leaving the surface of the filaments dry. Roughly apply color and create shading, highlights, fur and clouds...the possibilities are endless.

The Dodo drybrush is a blend of multi-diameter flagged tip bristle. The filaments are split at the tip, creating the additional ability to hold heavy-bodied paint or to drybrush by removing excess paint.

A perfectly balanced handle with six layers of filler, primer, paint and lacquer prevents water from penetrating to the wood. This ensures our handles resist cracking and increases the longevity of your brushes. We use solid brass ferrules which are crimped and meticulously inspected for shape and a scratch-free finish. We offer a fur-free promise, quality materials and tremendous care when designing and manufacturing our brushes!

1 review for Callia Dodo Drybrush, Synthetic Bristle Artist Brushes: Willow Wolfe

  1. Pam Caley

    The Dodo Drybrush works wonderfully for blending coloured pencil work! I bought it for an acrylic dry brush technique, but found it works well with coloured pencil as well.

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