Quick & Easy Line Drawings To Paint Vol 1.

19 Line Drawings to Transfer and Paint


19 different line drawings to transfer to your surface and paint!

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Save Yourself The Struggle Of Drawing & Erasing Over & Over, & Start Painting Right Away!

With this Birds & Flowers Line Drawing Guide, you get 19 pages of stunning birds & flowers outlines that you can use to get started painting something new RIGHT AWAY!

  • Paint new birds & flowers with ease using this as a starting point!
  • Stop drawing & erasing over & over just to get your base design down so you can start painting!
  • Build confidence in your painting skills while still trying something new & exciting!

This ebook includes birds and flowers of all kinds:

  1. Orange Tanager and Blossoms
  2. Single Rose and Leaves
  3. Rose and Butterfly
  4. Hummingbird Close Up
  5. Orchid Branch
  6. Chickadee and Blossoms
  7. Male Cardinal
  8. Eagle Portrait
  9. Magnolia Blossom
  10. Calla and Leaf
  11. Fuchsia and Daisy
  12. Single Daisy
  13. Hummingbird and Columbine
  14. Goldfinch and Daisies
  15. Hummingbird and Diasy
  16. Perched Eagle
  17. ...and more...

This booklet does not include color photographs and is intended to be used as a guide for your imagination!!!


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