Callia Round, Synthetic Sable Artist Brushes: Willow Wolfe


The Callia round is an innovative blend of synthetic which offers a fluid and consistent flow of color. Our rounds have a full belly with a fine taper.


The round is a classic painting brush used for everything from flora and still life to portraits and landscapes — just about any subject matter in any style. Larger rounds can lay in large areas of color and stroke specific shapes, whereas smaller rounds are used for detail.

Callia rounds are created with our Cultured Synthetic, the filaments are etched to create microscopic pockets for color to abosb into, creating a smooth, controlled release of color. The full belly allows color and paint to hold in the full belly and flow evenly from the tip.

A perfectly balanced handle with six layers of filler, primer, paint and lacquer prevents water from penetrating to the wood. This ensures our handles resist cracking and increases the longevity of your brushes. We use solid brass ferrules which are crimped and meticulously inspected for shape and a scratch-free finish. We offer a fur-free promise, quality materials and tremendous care when designing and manufacturing our brushes!


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