Callia Top Mop, Synthetic Wave Artist Brushes: Willow Wolfe

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The Callia Top Mop is a blend of crimped synthetic which is silky soft for seamless blending.


Callia mops are made of a crimped synthetic which mimics the shape and movement of the softest natural hair. This brush is recommended for softening and blending, as well as varnishing and decoupage because it shows minimal brushstrokes.

The Top mop is a blend of crimped synthetic. Each strand is crimped and shaped like a wave, producing air pockets between each filament which give the mop a whisper soft effect. In addition the brush is created with a gradual taper which allows for greater surface area of silky softness.

A perfectly balanced handle with six layers of filler, primer, paint and lacquer prevents water from penetrating to the wood. This ensures our handles resist cracking and increases the longevity of your brushes. We use solid brass ferrules which are crimped and meticulously inspected for shape and a scratch-free finish. We offer a fur-free promise, quality materials and tremendous care when designing and manufacturing our brushes!

1 review for Callia Top Mop, Synthetic Wave Artist Brushes: Willow Wolfe

  1. Sarah

    This brush doesn’t leave any strokes which makes it my go to varnish brush!

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