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A new twist on the mop!

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The Moa is a brand new shape designed by Willow Wolfe that has some unique capabilities.  Constructed of densely blended super soft crimped synthetic, the Moa tapers to whisper fine dome at top.  This allows the brush to maintain shape and soften simultaneously.   For example…think of the softly pitted texture of an orange, strawberry, lemon or lime. The Moa makes creating those gentle pitted textures a snap.

Callia mops are made of a crimped synthetic, similar to a wave, producing air pockets between each filament, which mimics the shape and movement of the softest natural hair.  Imagine the softest bunny or chinchilla fur…this feels the same but is 100% synthetic!

There are a variety of mops which may soften blending, however, the shape of the mop will determine the texture of the finish.  The strawberry below was blended first with a chisel blender. In the shadow area it was mopped with a Mini Mop and in the highlight it was mopped with the Moa mop. The Moa leaves a stippled texture which adds dimension to the finish.


Mops are one of my favourite tools.  I thought it would be great to show you a comparison of shapes.

Far left:  The Callia Top Mop has a traditional mop shape with an elongated taper. The taper of the filament is designed to product an exceptionally soft and absorbent result.  It is used frequently to varnish as it shows minimal brush strokes and watercolorists love it as it can product beautiful washes.

Second from left: The Moa is tightly compacted at the ferrule with a dome shape and minimal taper. It is extremely soft at the top, yet holds its shape firmly for controlled applications and texture when desired.

Third from the left: The Dodo is also tightly blended at the ferrule but has a wide end and sheared taper. It is a beautiful blending brush which offers both control and a wide softening capability.

Last but not least: The Mini Mop is for tiny spaces and flows loosely from the ferrule to ensure a whisper soft finish.